Electric water heating kettles are nowadays used in schools, offices, churches, homes, hotels, kinyozi, salons etc. They are used in warming or heating or boiling water for coffee, cooking or drinking water or water for other purposes. But as other electrical appliances they may often run into problems hence the need for repairs.

Common electric kettle problems

  • Electrical kettle not switching on.
  • water leaking from the electric kettle.
  • electric kettle switch bad
  • electric kettle not heating
  • electric kettle arcing

Our repair services include cleaning the electric kettle, replacing the heating element, replacing the electric thermostat element, fixing broken parts, fixing leakage,replacing power cables, replacing fuse. so if you experience any of the problems from the electric kettle do not put it in the dust-bin yet, try us for repair and save money.

We repair all types of electric kettles.

  • Do not heat the kettle without water. Always remember to put water in the kettle first.
  • Never and  never heat anything else be it milk, food, coffee, soup etc in the electric kettle. Use the electric kettle to heat only water.
  • Do not immerse the electric water heating kettle in water.
  • Do not allow children to use the electric kettle.
  •  Do not use abrasive cleaning agents to clean the electric kettle
  • For more information on how top use electric water heating kettle click here

Change of element or Switch

Price – KSH 500

All deliveries are made within 24 hours of successful repair.
Goods that are not picked by the client within 72 hours after successful repair will attract a storage fee of  ksh 50 per day.