A treadmill like any other machine may sometimes run into problems which can be displayed on the treadmill console and sometimes may not be displayed at all.  Treadmill comes with a wide range of motors which with different torques and horsepower. If by any chance your treadmill develops problems and you are unable to troubleshoot or repair it by yourself, kindly let us help you by contacting us.

when your treadmill has run into problems  we may completely replace some parts of the treadmill in order to restore the treadmill to its good working condition. Our technicians will advise you on which parts require replacement.

As part of repair we may modify some parts of the treadmill if necessary.

treadmill reapair

Common treadmill problems

  1. Treadmill screen not turning on.
  2. Inconsistent treadmill speed or erratic treadmill speed.
  3. Treadmill running belt slippage.
  4. incline function of the treadmill not working.
  5. There is  a burning smell from the treadmill.
  6. treadmill displaying error codes or messages.
  7. Treadmill broken or running deck broken.
  8. Running belt damaged.
  9. Treadmill stops when you step on the running belt.

A treadmill requires to be lubricated frequently as recommended by the manufacturer. this helps keep the treadmill efficient and running smoothly and by doing so the motor lasts longer. Make sure that you use original silicone treadmill oil on when lubricating the treadmill. For more information on how to apply silicone oil click here

We repair and service all gym machines

Gym machines

  • Rowing machines
  • Treadmill
  • stationary bikes
  • Multi-gym
  • Cross trainer
  • Elliptical bike
  • Stair mill
  • Recumbent bike
  • Spin bike
  • Leg press
  • hack squat machine
  • Leg abduction machine
  • Chest press machine



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